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Living Heritage Trust over the years

Highlights of Sri Lanka's Living Heritage Trust since 1986.

  • 1986 Living Heritage Trust founded by Manik Sandrasaga. Team of individuals all possessing a unique record in the field of traditional studies and cultural preservation work on an ad hoc basis to fulfill LHT’s mission.
  • 1986 LHT manages the production of TV documentary Pooja ‘86’
  • 1988 LHT revitalizes the Kataragama Pada Yatra foot pilgrimage. Patrick Harrigan, Executive Director of LHT leads the pilgrimage with LHT funding every year without fail through 2007.
  • 1989 LHT stages the first ‘Festival of Lanka’ highlighting village lifestyles and knowledge
  • 1993 LHT spearheads the Government-sponsored National Committee for the Decade of the World’s Indegenous peoples, particularly emphasizing the history and culture of the Wanniyal-aetto or Veddas.
  • 1997 onwards LHT starts up a network of 22 web sites creating the Internet’s largest and most popular resource area for information on Sri Lanka’s natural and cultural heritage.
  • 2000 LHT is registered as a Non Governmental Organisation in Sri Lanka
  • 2003 the Chairman is appointed to the Prime Minister’s Committee for a National Villages and implements the ‘Let the Villagers be Heard’ survey.
  • 2004 LHT is awarded a World Bank Small Projects Grant to follow up on the successful ‘Let the Villagers be Heard’ survey. Project volunteers interviewed more than 4,500 villagers in 90 villages in May-July 2004
  • December 2004 LHT shifts its focus to villages of the East Coast where it co-ordinates an all-volunteer effort to serve those affected by the Tsunami, especially children
  • January 2006 LHT establishes a permanent presence in Koslanda in the southern hill country of Sri Lanka where it embarks on a number of socio economic initiatives.