Living Heritage of Sri Lanka
Living Heritage Reserve, Koslanda

Living Heritage Reserves

By act of Parliament, the Living Heritage Trust will seek that specific areas in the country, which can still be recognized as Scared Groves, be declared Heritage Reserves (Heritage Conservation Zones). In these Reserves, the original culture of the area shall be preserved and nurtured in its pristine purity.

Reserves shall be in sanctuaries, sacred groves where traditional laws take precedence over statutory law.

A Reserve will also be a seat for the guru-shishya relationship between elders and juniors in a region where the main teaching will be 'to know the tradition, live the tradition.'

It will be a wisdom society of govi, guru, Sangha, veda, and silpi: farmers, teachers, clergy, physicians, and craftspeople.

The Heritage Reserve will be a Village University, a School for Traditional Studies where youth will learn the wisdom of an ancient lineage of sages and seers by living that tradition.