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Heritage Reserve

The Okanda-Kudimbigala Heritage Reserve is a Sanctuary, a Sacred Grove, where traditional laws shall take precedence over modern laws. Such groves shall operate under the patronage and guidance of the villagers themselves as the custodians of the living tradition.

There is a record of where the Kudimbigala settlements were and where their owners can be found today. One of this initiative's aims, to facilitate the return of some of these villagers, has already commenced. While many of these villagers may have no wish to return, others may choose to do so, if provided with a viable option.

This project entails the re-settlement of up to fifteen families in Kudimbigala with rebuilt homes on their identifiable original sites. Potable water wells will be constructed as well as sanitary necessities. Biogas and safe energy alternatives will be utilized. Paddy fields that have gone into disuse will be re-commissioned using traditional methods. A school for the children of the villagers as well as a Traditional Therapeutic Center will be established. Emergency transport will be made available. Communications with the outside world will also be made possible. It is expected that the fifteen families will be chosen from the original residents of Kudimbigala. They will be asked if they will return to Kudimbigala and work the fields practicing traditional agriculture. The organic produce of their fields will be niche marketed locally and internationally to ensure that the highest economic value is placed upon them. This value system will include an ecological cost-benefit.

The Okanda-Kudimbigala Heritage Reserve will, through the School for Traditional Studies, permit a local and international community of students to live together, learning -- living traditional wisdom, in a living forest-village-temple environment.