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Chairman: Manik Sandrasaga

Manik Sandrasaga (d. 2008) was an expert in Sri Lankan culture whose interest in the mystical and physical architecture of of Sigiriya and Kataragama dates back to the late 1960's. He was a successful filmaker, among whose works are the hit Sinhala language features Kolomba Sanniya which he directed and Kalu Diya Dahara which he produced and directed. He also made three English feature films: The God King about Sigiriya which he co-produced, Reincarnation based on the Ramayana which he directed and Rampage which he directed and produced won four Presidential awards.

Executive Director: Patrick Harrigan

Patrick Harrigan is a world class expert in the Kataragama shrine and South Asian academic studies. He has been a resident of Sri Lanka for twenty years although his personal involvement in the country stretches back to 1971. Recently his focus has been the dissemination of knowledge through internet media, he is the webmaster of our network of 22 sites and also works as a web designer for various social institutions. After the Tsunami, Patrick turned his focus to the East Coast, an area which he knows extremely well having led the Kataragama Patha Yatra foot pilgrimage for the past 18 years. Patrick speaks English, Tamil, Sinhala, and German fluently.