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The Living Heritage Trust seeks to use 21st Century technology to bring out the value of traditional village lifestyles for inhabitants, economically, socially in terms of ethnic and religious tolerance, and culturally in terms of enduring traditions and capturing long-established traditional knowledge indigenous to the area.


The LHT mission is to harness the depth and richness of Sri Lanka’s cultural and natural heritage to its fullest possible extent for the enrichment of all her people, including especially the rural multitudes that still practice and cherish their living cultural heritage as part and parcel of their daily lifestyle and world view.


  • To promote culturally appropriate sustainable development through measures that include gender equality, the protection of children, and identifying high value niche markets for traditional village products;
  • To make traditional livelihoods financially viable and culturally attractive to rural and urban youth of Sri Lanka through measures that include infrastructure development and income generation activities;
  • To conserve traditional lifestyles by giving them economic value;
  • To restore Sri Lankan villagers’ pride and satisfaction in rural livelihoods;
  • To make ‘high tech’ skills and jobs locally available to village youth;
  • To stem urban migration by creating new models of rural income generation;
  • To use IT and tourism ventures to motivate and empower villagers to conserve local natural resources, especially forest cover and water resources
  • To promote Sri Lanka's diverse oral and performance traditions in a manner that will ensure their protection and continuity; and
  • To protect and preserve the natural biodiversity of Sri Lanka through measures which include ecosystem management, educational campaigns, promoting traditional cultivation, and therapeutic use of medicinal plants island wide

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