Veda Mahattaya

Living Heritage Trust is developing a Sustainable Development Zone (SDZ) in Koslanda with an aim to revive and support age old cultural traditions in a 21st Century socio-economic context.

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The Living Heritage Trust (LHT) is a private sector NGO dedicated to the conservation of Sri Lanka’s unique cultural heritage and traditional wisdom, incorporated in May 2000 under the Companies Act No 17 of 1982, and registered in August 2003 as an NGO under the Voluntary Social Services Organizations (Registration & Supervision) Act, No. 31 of 1980 as amended by Act, No. 8 of 1998. Living Heritage Trust is also a coalition of NGOs; the Cultural Survival Trust (CST) and the Kataragama Devotees Trust (KDT) are its NGO affiliates.

By harnessing Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage, Living Heritage Trust aims to convert it into a source of wealth through sustainable development. We aim to create a development model that equates a traditional lifestyle with an intelligent choice and quality standard of living.

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